How do I start a new business as a Sharing Partner with Be Young?

Start with the Liver Cleanse. Create a handout that tells a bunch of different things you can do with each of these oils, such as peppermint oil for headaches, lemon oil to sanitizing, etc.

Penny Swann

My first suggestion is to experience and know personally the oils. Then share, share, share! Testimonials spread like wildfire and make your business grow.

Sandra Drumheller

I tell my people that knowledge is power. Read about the oils, learn what oil works with what part of the body. Attend the trainings when they are in your area. I created my own healing through teaching myself which oils matched the symptoms I was dealing with. Through listening to Dana Young, I learned of other oils I needed.

Theresa Fry

A person with experience can be an enormous help. Make sure that you align yourself up with a Be Young Essential Oils partner that has the experience that you lack, someone passionate about the oils because that passion is contagious.

Juanita Rodriguez

Reading the Desk Reference has entrenched me in an understanding of the oils and their uses for almost everything.

Diana Gore

Use Be Young Essential Oils and share your experience along with the experiences you have witnessed. Plant the seed. Answer questions, share information that you have and your seed will grow and flourish. Above all, live using Be Young Essential Oils. You are your best billboard. You will glow and it will show!

Diane DeVries