Essential Oil Companies: The Problem Of Dilution

You have come to the right place if you have been looking to discover your path to both wellness and success. That path can be found with our world-class, all-natural products, which include a vast collection of the purest essential oils you will likely find. If you are familiar with essential oil companies at all, you will know that a big problem in the industry has to do with dilution. Because of the nature of essential oils and the fact that they are an alternative, non-regulated approach to wellness, there are little to no regulations when it comes to the diluting of active ingredients within essential oils.


For this reason, we employ the EOBBD evaluation process. This process stands for Essential Oils Botanically And Biochemically Defined. It is not a certification or a regulation of any kind, but rather is a standard of excellence that we use on every batch of natural oils we produce. Adhering to the EOBBD ensures the consumer they will have the characteristics, molecular makeup, and botanic definition which includes the tracing of the producing country.


Although we are much more than simply an essential oil company, we still add the EOBBD standard of excellence to our own internal standards of essential oil production here at Be Young Total Health. Combined with our own regiment, our very own fourteen step process assures you of the most potent and high-quality essential oils you will find on the market today. These steps are as follows:


  • Botanical Definition

  • Confirmation of Producing Organ

  • Physical Analysis

  • Extraction Method

  • Biochemical Analysis

  • Refraction Index

  • Color

  • Density

  • Odor

  • Rotation Rate

  • Appearance

  • Origin of Plant

  • Tracing of Batch

  • Soil Microbiology Analysis


As you can see, we have the understanding and experience which counts. Although the benefits of essential oils are easily observed, consumers have to be careful when dealing with the plethora of companies out there today which promise the world when it comes to results, but do very little behind the scenes to ensure essential oil purity. In fact, some have reported that many essential oil companies and producers are intentionally diluting their essential oil batches, which means consumers pay the same amount for a watered-down product.



At Be Young Total Health, we do not think that this should be the case. With four decades of experience in the essential oil industry, our owner and founder has instilled his “Life Restoring, Life Rewarding” mantra, which has pervaded our organization from top to bottom.” If you are interested in restoring your health through our essential oils for healing and many other wellness products, take the next step and learn about getting involved with Be Young Total Health.