While lemonade may be your favorite way to use lemons this summer, did you realize there are nearly endless possibilities with your lemon essential oil? It’s one of the most widely-used fruits in the world and one of the easiest essential oils to bring into your daily routine. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use Lemon Essential Oil 


Is there any smell better than a clean home? There’s just something about the fresh scent of lemon that makes everyone satisfied after a long day of cleaning. You can add lemon oil to water and vinegar and create a general disinfectant that smells better than any synthetic smell you find at the grocery store. 

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Lemon oil also makes for a great wood and silver polish. Just soak a cloth in lemon oil and enjoy the shine. 

Our homes aren’t the only thing that can get plenty dirty. If your bathroom soap doesn’t seem to be cutting through the grime on your hands after a day working on the car or in the yard, add a few drops of lemon oil, and they’ll be good as new. 



Bringing Lemon essential oil into your daily routine can boost those positive habits you’re already doing. 

We love diffusing Aeroma Lemon Oil at home or work (or your work-from-home space) to lift our mood and fight those office blues. 

Diffusing Lemon oil can also fight off nausea and improve allergy symptoms. 

If you have a cough that you can’t seem to kick, try combining 1-2 drops of oil to warm water with honey. You can also mix a few drops with coconut oil and rub them into your neck. 

Finally, Lemon essential oil is incredibly effective for your digestive system. Add 1-2 drops of oil to warm or cold water each day to relieve gassiness and constipation.


Lemon Essential Oil is a powerhouse and deserves plenty of space on your shelf! There are nearly endless ways to enjoy the benefits of lemon oil in your home and life. Enjoy!