There are endless ways to implement essential oils into your home and routine. There are three main methods of use: diffusion, topical, and internal. Many oils are formulated explicitly with these methods in mind, so it’s important to make sure you’re using the correct formula with the proper method. Each method provides a unique experience and benefit to the body. 



Diffusing oils is a great way to impact an entire room or a group of people. Diffusing makes use of a device called a diffuser to spread the aromatic molecules of essential oils throughout the air. 

There are two main types of diffusers:

Atomizing: Admits essential oils into the air in very tiny particles, small enough for the lungs and body to absorb them rapidly and experience the maximum health benefits. 

Ultra-Sonic / Vapor: This diffuser is less concentrated than atomized oils. The mist of water and essential oil mixed in an ultra-sonic diffuser is an excellent choice for children under 2. It’s also great for spreading an inexpensive aroma throughout your home. 

If you’re wondering which diffuser is right for you, we broke it all down here. 

Aromatherapy offers a unique opportunity to stimulate the brain with a new or previous aroma, allowing the mind to develop new positive emotions. These can have a synergistic effect of uplifting, toning, and balancing throughout the body. 

Different oils deliver different benefits. The oils within our Diffuse line are handpicked to create a pleasant aroma and elicit positive emotional responses. Some will help lift your mood, while others may reduce anxiety. Some will relax your mind and body, and others will transport you to a time in your past that you saved in your memory as a sweet and tender moment. Still, other aromas in the Diffuse line may increase concentration, relieve pain, boost your sex drive, and more. 

Whatever the scent you choose from our Diffuse line, they are formulated with care, 100% pure essential oils, with no synthetics or additives. You can breathe easy knowing the aroma you are about to enjoy will naturally transport you on an emotional journey that you will want to experience time and time again.


Using essential oils topically is effective and popular. It’s often the first thing a person thinks of when they hear essential oils. Applying essential oils where you need them for localized effect is a time-tested treatment used for thousands of years to promote health and vitality anywhere on the body.

Here are a few examples: 

  • Apply directly to a sore muscle after a hard workout. 
  • Apply to the face for complexion and beauty regimens.
  • Apply to the forehead, neck, and temples for headache or tension. 
  • Apply to the base of the skull for mood and emotional support. 
  • Apply to the abdomen for digestive support and comfort. 
  • Apply to the chest to help with breathing. 
  • Apply to the bottoms of the feet for whole-body benefits. (The entire body and its organs have correlations to the feet.)


Our Aeroma essential oils are designed to work in a diffuser and topically (diluting is recommended). We have diligently searched the world for only the purest and highest quality essential oils. Go ahead, rub it in and enjoy the liquid manifestation of nature’s true power. 




Essential oils are safe and effective when used properly as a dietary supplement or a food additive. The truth is, you’re probably already using essential oils in your diet. Cinnamon on oatmeal, peppermint tea, or fresh oregano in pasta sauce have small amounts of the volatile compounds found naturally in plants. These are the same elements that give essential oils their aroma, flavor, and potency. 


Because essential oils are so potent, only small amounts over short durations of time are recommended when using it as a supplement. 


Here are a few examples:

  • One drop of marjoram essential oil will flavor an entire pot of spaghetti sauce. 
  • A tea made with Spice of Life soothes sore throats and relieves cold symptoms.
  • A drop of citrus oil can help curb sugar cravings.


The Be Young Loyol line of essential oils is designed to be safely used as dietary supplements and food additives. Loyol essential oils can have a shelf life of up to 15 years, which means flavorful meals are no longer at the mercy of your stocked pantry or fridge.