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NOV 12, 2014

Dr. Ben Goodchild's incredible health transformation takes him to victory in the 60-day Weightloss Challenge!

When Be Young Total Health extended their 60-day Weight Loss Challenge on January 13, 2014, Ben Goodchild and his wife, Sabrina, of Branson, Missouri heard the call. Recently retired from a successful career in chiropractic practice and network marketing, with his youngest son soon to move away from home, Ben was in the perfect position to change his life.

It was attending the Weight Loss Coach training at the 2013 Be Young annual convention that truly inspired him. He had already been focused on weight loss before the 60-day challenge gave him a $1000 reason to get serious. He took a methodical approach to changing his habits and found that the program works exactly as outlined.

In just 60 days, Ben Goodchild and his wife, Sabrina, lost a combined 56 pounds with the assistance of Be Young’s products and weight loss program. 32 pounds lighter, Ben was the winner of the 60-day Challenge. Better yet, he has maintained a total loss of 39 pounds to date by sticking to the lifestyle changes that have greatly improved his energy and outlook.

Like so many of us, Ben was fit when he was younger. He played sports and ran track in high school, but his health was pushed to the background when he started graduate school. Suddenly, he had nearly 40 hours in classes each week, along with homework and study. The time he once had for physical activity just disappeared.

While the fast track paid off—he was a practicing chiropractor at just 25—he was well on his way to the high-stress and low-activity life that so many of us know. The long hours and carb-heavy diet would catch up with him over the next two decades.

By the time he realized he needed a change, Ben was 70 pounds heavier and nearing 50. Weighing in at 257 pounds, he felt sluggish and tired. His blood pressure was climbing too. Most troubling, he noticed that his healing response was slower than it should be. A cut that should have taken a few days to heal was taking a few weeks. While he had no serious symptoms, he knew that these were early indicators of long-term health issues. He’d seen the life-changing impact of his patients’ struggles with diabetes, heart disease and obesity in his practice. He knew that he and Sabrina didn’t want poor health ruining their retirement plans, so he took action.

To start the challenge, Ben and Sabrina both took Dr. Whiting’s Weight Management Test to determine their metabolic type. They were immediately appreciative of the wealth of information regarding the effect of carbohydrates on metabolism. Ben found that he carb-sensitive, meaning that he would have to restrict his diet to 1200 calories, with just 40 grams of carbohydrates each day. Sabrina test as carb-resistance, which presented her with the challenge of consuming half as many carbohydrates, despite fighting off periodic cravings.

First things first, they had to cut out the junk. Sweets and refined sugars, empty-calories like potato chips and carb-heavy snacks simply had to go. They literally cleaned out their pantry, discarding every possibly temptation.

“We quit cold-turkey,” he says with pride. “If it was unhealthy, it either went into the trash, or we gave it to our 18-year-old son and told him it couldn’t leave his room.” He admits that their new diet was a change. The requirements were fairly restrictive. He was surprised, however, by how easy it was to significantly change their eating patterns once they were committed to the program.

“It didn’t take us long to get into a fairly comfortable routine,” he explains. With the assistance of a diary, Ben was able to track the changes they were making, the strategies that worked as well as their successes. He was able to note that his first 10 pounds came right off in the first week. He then had a plateau during holidays, but restarted with the 60-day Challenge. He noticed that his weight stair-stepped week after week. His body would release weight every 7-10 days, then plateau. His diary and calendar helped him to stay motivated and on track.

During the 60-day Challenge, Ben and Sabrina would wake up each morning to a cup of herbal tea, a glass of Masaji, and the NutriSmart supplements recommended in their individual weight loss profiles. They’d then share a protein-rich breakfast featuring eggs, sausage and/or bacon. What a delicious and filling way to start each day!

Lunch was a Be Healthy, Be Vegan, or Be Trim shake. They would pre-mix them with homemade almond milk in the morning and keep them in shakers if they planned to be traveling during the day. Ben’s favorite became the silky smooth vanilla Be Healthy shake. Over time, he and Sabrina also explored the variety of flavors to be found by mixing the shakes with Be Young signature essential oils.

Dinner was simple. They’d have a lean protein, like steak, lamb, chicken or fish, along with a fibrous vegetable or two, such as broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, spinach, cauliflower, etc. What had to go were pasta, rice, and starchy vegetables like potatoes. But with so many healthy choices in the produce apartment, they didn’t feel deprived.

Thanks to his training and experience in chiropractic care, Ben knew that as they began consuming their fat stores, that fat would be releasing 22 years worth of toxins into their systems. This is why they completed a full 30-day liver cleanse during weeks 3-6. They simply mixed up a pitcher of Be Young Liver Cleanse and kept it on hand in the fridge as an addition to their morning routine. Ben was also particularly conscientious about drinking 12-16 glasses of water each day, often with the tasty, mood-elevating benefits of lemon or lime. “Water is the body’s natural cleanser,” He explains.

The most startling aspect of Ben’s journey is that, in the first full month, he lost a significant amount of weight without a single minute of exercise. The only thing he changed was his dietary habits.

In the second month, however, he decided to make use of his new surge of energy and their condo’s fitness center. Inspired by the easy availability of the equipment at no charge, Ben decided he’d just start walking on the treadmill. But it wasn’t as easy as he expected. On the first day, he could only walk for about 10 minutes before his stamina ran out.

By the end of ten days, however, he was walking for a full 30 minutes. At the end of the workout, he wasn’t even winded. He was truly surprised by the stamina he’d found in such a short time. The only discomfort he felt was a blister on his foot. And this was after 22 years of zero aerobic exercise! His body’s recovery was astounding.

By the last day of the 60-day Challenge, Ben had developed a routine of 90 full minutes of cardio, including 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, and 30 minutes on the stationary bicycle. He’s now starting to look into weight training and is sure to get in 60 minutes of cardio at least 3 times each week.  He’s also sticking to his healthy new eating habits on the less restrictive Maintenance Diet. He’s held his weight between 218-220 pounds. His end goal is to reach his pre-college weight of 199 pounds.

These days, he and Sabrina are supporting his family’s business, which means they spend a lot of time on the road. He’s noticed that, while traveling, it’s hard to find healthy options, but they’ve learned a few tricks. They start with protein rich breakfasts with no carbs, and they pre-mix their MRP shakes for lunch. They finish their days by finding leaner menu options that feature fish or chicken served with steamed vegetable sides or salads.

During one trip, Ben gained a startling 10 pounds and determined that Chinese food was to blame. At first appearance, it seemed like a healthy choice, just vegetables and meat. They’d even been careful to avoid white rice. But the MSG and high sodium in the sauces created bloating which really slowed them down.

“We’ve kind of had to make our own program and figure it out as we go,” Ben explains.

He believes they’ve found a new lifestyle that they can sustain. Ben feels that the real difference is found in Dr. Whiting’s understanding of the carbohydrate dependence of the American diet. The built-in cheating also helps. Ben had to look at his calories and carb intake to determine how to make the weight loss and maintenance diet work for him.

The life-changing results are having a ripple effect among his loved ones. They’ve shared their success with his already health-conscious sister-in-law, who is now a Be Young Sharing Partner coached on how to use the products to help her lose even more weight. Ben’s mother, Kathy, spent a week on the road with him, sharing his healthier dietary habits. After just a few days, she reported that she felt skinnier already and is inspired to move on to the next step.

Ben’s business goals are his latest area of focus. They’ve seen most of the US, but would like to see the world. They see potential in Be Young Total Health to provide them with residual income that would allow them to spend a month in Costa Rica, a month in Europe, or to visit Australia and New Zealand.

Ben and Sabrina have been using the full Be Young product line for some time now. But they’ve been holding back on their organization while they focus on their changing lifestyle. In the 1990s, Ben participated in one of the fastest growing down lines in the nation. He found success in educational seminars in the past and remains convinced that to be successful in this business you need to get people together to share the opportunity and the products. He especially likes the fact the Be Young commitment to quality, that it’s a ground-floor family company that has grown tremendously over the last 18 months. He thinks the foundation has been laid and that Be Young Total Health is well on it’s way for tremendous growth. Plus, the products are so easy and enjoyable to share.