Essential Oils - A Better Way to Health

Essential oils are the immune and defense systems of plants. They have a biochemical structure uniquely symmetrical to cells within the body. That’s why they can have such a powerful impact on the body’s natural defenses. There is nothing new about using herbs, spices, and other natural extracts to improve health, beauty, and nutrition. Using nature to heal the body has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Around 400 B.C., Hippocrates stressed the idea that diet, exercise, and overall happiness form the foundation of health. Today those same principles are just as true.

To our benefit, technology has brought new and exciting ways to understand and use natural compounds to improve our overall wellbeing. Much like a cofactor or coenzyme, essential oils work by increasing the body’s natural ability to speed the chemical reactions necessary for life and vitality. Because these natural compounds are highly concentrated, very small amounts of essential oils can yield compelling results.

Benefits for all ages

Essential oils have been shown to present very low risk and have few negative side effects when used correctly. They are a great alternative for yourself, your children, and the elderly. That being said, there are different methods of application for specific essential oils, each providing a unique experience and benefit to the body.


A great way to impact an entire room or a group of people, diffusing makes use of a device called a diffuser to spread the aromatic molecules of essential oils throughout the air. There are two main types of diffusers:


Admits essential oils into the air in very tiny particles, small enough for the lungs and body to absorb them rapidly and experience the maximum health benefits.

- Ultra-Sonic / Vapor

Ultra-sonic / Vapor is less concentrated than atomized oils, the mist of water, and essential oil mixed in an ultra-sonic diffuser and is a great choice for children under the age of 2. It’s also great for spreading an inexpensive aroma throughout your home.



The topical use of essential oils is effective and popular. Applying essential oils where you need them for localized effect is a time-tested treatment used for thousands of years to promote health and vitality anywhere on the body.


- Apply directly to a sore muscle after a hard workout.

- Apply to the face for complexion and beauty regimens.

- Apply o the forehead, neck, and temples for headache or tension.

- Apply to the base of the skull for mood and emotional support.

- Apply to the abdomen for digestive support and comfort.

- Apply to the chest to help with breathing.

 - Apply to the bottoms of the feet for whole-body benefits.



Essential oils are safe and effective when used properly as a dietary supplement or a food additive. Because essential oils are so potent, only minimal amounts over short durations of time are recommended when using it as a supplement.


- One drop of marjoram essential oil will flavor an entire pot of spaghetti sauce.

- A tea made with Spice of Life soothes sore throats and may help to relieve cold symptoms.

- A drop of a citrus oil can help curb cravings for sugar.



The topical application of essential oils is one of the most popular uses and has many benefits. However, because essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, it’s crucial to understand how to dilute when necessary. A good rule of thumb is to use less rather than more.

All Be Young essential oils and blends are classified into three categories Neat, Sensitive, and Photosensitive.

- Neat means no dilution is necessary for adults

- Sensitive means dilution is recommended

- Photosensitive means the essential oil will react (and can cause sunburns) if exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Photosensitive oils should not be used if direct sun exposure is expected immediately after use or up to 12 hours after the application of oil.


Topical use for children

Essential oils are a great choice in caring for young children and babies. It is important to remember that their young systems are still developing and are very sensitive. Follow our recommended guidelines to keep children safe by diluting essential oils with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, olive oil, camelina oil, avocado oil, etc.


Ages 6 mo. – 2 yrs.

8:1 Ratio

- Neat: 8 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil

- Sensitive: 40 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil

-- Recommended: Do not apply more than three times throughout the day. Up to 2-3 drops per application.

Ages 2 -6 yrs.

4:1 Ratio

- Neat: 4 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil

- Sensitive: 20 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil

-- Recommended: Do not apply more than three times throughout the day. Up to 3-5 drops per application.

Ages 7-11 yrs.

2:1 Ratio

- Neat: 2 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil.

- Sensitive: 10 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil

-- Recommended: Do not apply more than 3-5 times throughout the day. Up to 4-8 drops per application.

Ages 12-75+

Teaching your family members the benefits of natural essential oils is a great way to start them off right and put them in control of their overall wellness. Because essential oils are all-natural, they are safe for any age, and even when pregnant or nursing.

- Neat: No dilution is needed

- Sensitive: 5-10 drops carrier to 1 drop essential oil

-- Recommended: Do not apply more than 3-5 times throughout the day. Up to 4-10 drops per application.



Additional tips

Using essential oils is an enjoyable and empowering experience. If you are new to essential oils, watch for signs that your body may be more sensitive than most. You may be using too much for your system and should dilute more than our recommendations if you notice the following:

- Your skin becomes less moisturized or begins to look leathery in the application area 

- The application area becomes itchy or irritated

-You develop a headache shortly after using any essential oil (Tip: Drink an additional 16-20 oz. of water for the next 2-3 days and stop using essential oils until the symptoms subside. If you wish to continue using essential oils, re-introduce them to your system in a more diluted form and with less frequency of application.)

-The essential oil is not fully absorbing into the skin within 5-7 minutes. (For children, absorption may take up to 15 minutes due to carrier oil.


Tips for Using

Getting More Out of Your Essential Oils - Essential oils are aromatic by nature, they will quickly diffuser into the air if you want a longer-lasting effect from your essential oils, please follow these tips:

Slows the Absorption and Prolongs the Effects - By diluting your essential oils when applying them to the skin, it slows down the rate of absorption and the amount of essential oil that is lost in the air.

Increases Absorption and Speeds up Effect - Because essential oils are lipophilic, by adding a warm moist cloth compress to the area, the hydrophilic nature of the water will repel the essential oil and Consequently, driving the essential oil into the skin and epidermis.