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Be Young Discount Programs can help

Product Partner Discounts

Product Partner discounts allows our Product Partners (does not apply to Loyal Product Partners) to receive up to  whole sale pricing (20% off retail) without having to be a Distributor or have an autoship. These discounts are based off the total dollar amount added to your shopping cart (all discount thresholds are based off the retail cost of the product). Discounts  apply starting at just $50

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Party Discounts

Party Discounts is a great way to introduce your party guest to a way to get more while spending less. Party guest, like Product Partner, can receive up to 20% savings on every order based off the total cost of the products in their shopping cart. Party Discount are automatically applied so there is no need to remember a coupon, and discounts start at just $50.00.

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Amethyst Rewards

Once a Distributor acheives the rank of an Amethyst (or higher) they will receive 6% back in rewards points on all their personal purchases, their Customers personal purchases, and all enrollment orders from both Customers and Distributors. They can redeem these points for free Be Young Product.

This Rewards Program offers special product discount pricing up to 80% off the retail price, stretching their 6% Reward Points even further! 

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Host Rewards

Anyone who hosts a Be Young party can earn host rewards. First, a host will automatically receive wholesale pricing on their entire order. Second, a percentage of the sales from the party (up to 40%!) will be given back to the host to help pay for their host order. Third, limited edition or exclusive Be Young product(s) will be available as a free reward for people hosting parties. Fouth, a host will receive 30% off any 4 items just for hosting a party.

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