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  • the body and how it functions
  • the core barriers that prevent you from achieving your best
  • the best products and interventions for YOU

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Meet the Real You.

Learn what you need to do to meet your body’s specific needs. More importantly, learn the core barriers that are preventing you from being the best you can be.

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Physical

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We truly are the products of our environments. Unfortunately, our environment includes a number of risks to our health. Invisible threats, including chemicals, radiation, processed foods and pollution are everywhere and can contribute to the generation of unstable molecules, called free radicals, within our bodies.

Free radicals are scientifically proven to contribute to heart disease, cancer, neural disorders, diabetes, inflammation, and the symptoms of aging. Within your body, stress, illness, and the actions of metabolism or cellular respiration can generate free radicals. Pesticides and preservatives in our food, or harsh chemicals in everyday products can also introduce free radicals into our systems.

Free radical damage begins silently and inconspicuously. Many of its causes are a part of everyday life. We simply can't avoid them. We can do our best to eliminate toxins such as smoke, chemicals, or processed foods, but we can’t escape sunlight, poor air quality, water, pesticides, or stress. Even our best efforts at diet and exercise can’t prevent (and can sometimes promote) free radical contamination. Here are just some of emotional circumstances that can present a barrier to your health:

  • Our Personal Care Products
    • A new study links common moisturizers to skin cancer and has some worried that thechemicals in personal care products could mean danger. Already, skin cancer affects thousands of Americans each year and those cases appear to be on the rise.1
  • The Air We Breathe
    • Scientists report that air pollutants could have effects remarkably similar to harmful substances found in tobacco smoke. Each day, inhaling those pollutants can expose the average person to as many free radicals as smoking 300 cigarettes.2
  • The Food We Eat
    • The USDA has found that, even after washing, 67% of food samples carry residue from pesticides linked to a number of health concerns. 3
  • The Water We Use
    • Do you think that shower is making you clean? Over 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the United State each year and approximately 5.6 billion pounds are used worldwide. 98% of that ends up in municipal water supplies, along with industrial waste, bacteria, and discarded pharmaceuticals. 4
  • Today's Busy Lifestyles 
    • Stress can cause more than a headache. Mice subjected to psychologically stressful 
    • conditions in lab studies showed a 180% increase in free radical levels. This molecular 
    • damage was maintained over long periods of time. 5



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