Follow your dreams & inspire others to do the same. What’s holding you back?

It begins with you. Every single person can benefit from the Life Restoring, Life Rewarding message of Be Young.

It really is possible to get paid for having fun! Gather around, share your understanding of all natural health and wellness, and get paid for hosting your friends in your home or online. We provide the tools, you make the guest list, and everyone wins.



Be Young Distributors are blazing their own trails. By taking advantage of our unique earning opportunities, a better future is a real possibility for anyone. You can be a part of something that is changing the direct selling industry.

Be Young was built by people just like you. . We remember what it’s like when you’re just getting started. We understand how to build a successful downline capable of producing the income you want.

That is why we set out to be different.

Be Young isn’t going to tell you that unlimited wealth can be yours and it can be achieved with minimal effort and with a little bit of time. That's just not true anywhere in the industry. In fact less than 1% achieve that pipe dream. We will never ask you to recruit your friends and family with yet another MLM get-rich-quick opportunity. Our products speak for themselves. Just identify their needs, and yours. You’ll be surprised by what we have to offer.

What are your needs?

  • Do you want to earn a few extra dollars each month?

    Perfect! Take advantage of our Retail Bonus which pays 40% of the volume back for every customer you sponsor.

  • Not really looking to get customers, just great product? Or maybe you want a less invasive way of introducing your friends and family to Be Young?

    Great, use our Party Sales! You can earn up to 37% back, and your friends and family don't even have to sign up to the company in order to enjoy the benefits of our all-natural product line.

  • Need a little more incentive?

    That's easy get free product, 30% off 4 items and up to 40% back in product points from the sales of your party with the Host rewards.

  • Would you like to supplement your income and earn commissions?

    Enjoy the industry's lowest and easiest personal qualification to be commission qualified-- just $31.00!


What's Holding You Back?

We all have a dream for the future. We all have needs to meet and expectations we’d like to fulfill. At some point, we all make the decision to improve the lives of those around us, the people we most care about. There is great nobility in playing a part in helping others to achieve their own personal goals.


Find Success In 8 Simple Steps

Be Young has provided a number of unique incentives for you. Distributors can earn income, discounts and product in six di?erent ways. You chose the path that best suits your goals. Then share the message of Life Restoring, Life Rewarding success with the people around you. They’ll thank you for it.

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Already have a downline?

They will love you when you introduce them to Be Young. Our entire compensation plan is designed to create involvement and leadership. There is a way to support any person in your entire downline rather they are the seasoned network marketer, or a brand new member just getting introduced to your team. Lead them to success by simply plugging them into the Be Young Life Rewarding program. Help your new people generate their own warm market by using the Party Sales bonus. Introducing their friends and family to Be Young while expanding their circle of influence.

  • Lead them to success by simply plugging them into the Be Young Life Rewarding program. 
  • Help your new people generate their own warm market by using our generous Party Sales incentives. 
  • Help them introduce their friends and family to Be Young at home or online while expanding their circle of influence.
  • Help them move their customers and guest into downline Distributors through our different rewards incentives that offer extremely generous opportunities to receive free product, and free wellness trainings.
  • Further, promote these same people into team member and leaders through the other four bonuses we offer.
  • Find success as a team without ever having to recite complicated bonus structures or navigate hidden loop holes.




With the Be Young compensation plan, there is a place for everyone to be successful. It’s designed to be simple and generous.

Compensation Plan

Purchase your product, at least $31.00 (20 PV) monthly, and be qualified to earn 40% off the commissionable volume on all of your customers’ purchases within that same month. (Product Partner & Loyal Product Partner).

Are you trying to achieve a higher ranking in the company that requires you to make a larger personal purchase, but you don’t really need that much product? Let your customers help you out! Their product volume from their purchases contributes to your product volume and help you qualify. Even after you collect the 40% from their order!

Our Retail Bonus pays fast. How fast? You are rewarded instantly.

Earn up to 37% back collectively from the retail sales volume parties you host or parties hosted by your downline through the entire depth of your organization.



Our Fast Start Bonus pays fast. How fast? You are rewarded instantly.

The Fast Start Bonus pays up to 40% on every new distributor’s enrollment order, depending on your current ranking. As long as you made a personal purchase of at least $31.00 (20 PV) in the previous month you will be qualified to earn this bonus in the current month.


The Unilevel Bonus is designed to create small achievable steps for your downline. The main goal is to get new team members started with minimal financial commitment, and to get them money back from Be Young as quickly as possible. These small and simple steps increase they reward every time. This is what creates momentum and excites new team members!

With just a 20 PV purchase ($31.00) your new member will be qualified to participate in the Unilevel Bonus and earn up to up to 20% pay 2 levels deep. The Unilevel Bonus utilizes compression ensuring you are always earning the highest potential income.

As new distributors progress and their downlines grow, milestones are in place, allowing them to jump up to the next commitment level. Before they know it they are Sharing Partners on their way to the Leadership Generational Bonus.


The bonus is designed to foster leadership and strength in your downline. As your team members progress through the milestones of the Unilevel it will naturally lead them to their first Generational Bonus, specifically designed to encourage team members to start duplicating their success by creating their own teams. As this begins to happen, your organization grows. All while you enjoy the additional income that is the natural result of your team members giving themselves a raise.

The Leadership Generational Bonus pays up to an additional 9% over the Unilevel, and unlocks payout on the entire depth of your Unilevel down to 5 generations.

Once you have achieved a gem ranking of a Topaz or higher, Be Young Total Health rewards you with an additional monthly bonus based on the company’s complete sales volume. This is our way of congratulating you for making it. 5% total is pulled from the company’s volume, and 1% of the company’s volume is divided among all of the members of your gem ranking.