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Why Liposomal Delivery Masaji Plus Reveal FDA Disclaimer

Our delivery is the difference

A study by the National Institutes of Health reveals an even more restrictive control of non-liposome-encapsulated vitamin C uptake. It found that a maximum of 200 mg of non-liposome-encapsulated vitamin C is absorbed at any given time. What happens to all of the non-absorbed vitamin C? It moves into the colon where it is excreted. For some individuals, an excess of vitamin C in the colon causes several unpleasant symptoms, including cramps and diarrhea.

Liposome encapsulation overcomes the absorption barriers and cellular uptake restrictions because liposomes do not rely on SVCTs or any other carrier transport system. Instead, due to their size and composition, they are able to passively absorb through the intestinal wall and through cellular membranes. As a result, liposome-encapsulated nutrients (like those found in Masaji Plus) achieve maximum bioavailability in the cells, where they are needed most.

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The worlds most advanced, most nutrient dense, and all natural whole body support supplement

Be Young has spent years perfecting a truly delicious nutritional liquid supplement that is a genuine pleasure to add to your daily routine. Great tasting and easily digestible, the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and antioxidants in Masaji Plus have been shown to support important body functions.

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