Your furry friend can enjoy some of the same benefits of essential oils in their routine as you can. The topical use of essential oils is effective and popular. Applying essential oils where you need them, for localized effect, is a treatment used for thousands of years to promote health and vitality and is safe for most animals. 


Here are a few ways you can apply diluted essential oils to your pet topically:


Finger Tip: Used to treat a specific, localized area on your pet

Dripping: Used to get essential oil directly into a wound

Petting: Used for general wellbeing, protection, and immune support

Water Misting: Used with a water bottle to mist the animal. Use 1 drop oil to 4oz water for small animals and birds, and 20-30 drops to 4oz of water for larger animals. 

Bathing: Use with shampoo, ointment, and other products


A few things to note:

Paws and Feet: Use caution for treating localized issues

Ears: For localized issues only. Use misting or additional diluting with caution. Not recommended unless treating issues specific to the ears. 

Less is more. Be mindful of your pet and do no over-expose their systems. Carefully monitor how your pet responds and adjust if needed. 


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