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Be A Product Partner

Product Partners are members of Be Young Total Health that do not participate in our compensation plan and have not set up a monthly autoship. Product Partners receive retail pricing on their purchases. 

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Be a Loyal Product Partner

Loyal Product Partners (LPP's) are members of Be Young who have created an account and have agreed to a monthly shipment of product(s).  They enjoy 20% savings off the retail cost of products as long as they maintain their monthly shipment of product of at least $31.00.  

This membership comes with a 35 day grace period. Meaning a member can sign up as a LPP and enjoy instant savings. As long as their first monthly shipment of product(s) is scheduled to ship before the 35th day of membership they will keep getting 20% off every order. In addition to this LPP's also get 6% back on every purchase in the form of reward points that can be used to redeem free product.

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Be A Distributor

Distributors are members of Be Young who has enrolled and wants to participate in the Be Young Compensation Plan. Distributors receive wholesale pricing and receive a Distributor back office. This back office has many tools to track downline sales, commissions, as well as communication tools to email downline Product Partners, Loyal Product Partners, and other Distibutors they have sponsored. Distribtuors receive commission on sales made from people they have introduced to Be Young Total Health.

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