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Traditionally, rosemary has been used for improving memory, and, as such, gained notoriety as a symbol of remembrance and friendship.

Rosemary is one of the most potent essential oils on the planet. Paracelsus, a renowned German-Swiss physician, valued rosemary oil because of its ability to strengthen the entire body. Soothing, stimulating and invigorating Rosemary essential oil wake up the entire body for better healing and prevention. A must have in your essential oil go to oils. Rosemary has long been used along with Tea Tree and other herbaceous herbs to boost strengthen the body and mind. In fact, It appears that the ancient Greeks knew something about rosemary herbs that the rest of the world didn’t. Grecian scholars traditionally wore sprigs of rosemary when taking tests because they believed the herb would improve their performance.



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Aeroma Essential Oils are meant to be used for aromatherapy or for topical needs:

  • For aromatic and topical use only; avoid contact with eyes, keep out of reach of children; avoid direct sunlight after use
  • For recommended uses and recipes please click on the image below.

Inhalation (German Olfaction Method):

    • Apply 10-15 drops to your diffuser.

Anxiety/stress: Four drops of pure rosemary essential oil applied to an aromatherapy diffuser pad five minutes before a single test period has been used (156). Three drops of rosemary oil were used in an inhaler prior to the start and during the single test; a piece of cotton with the saturated oil was placed in the inhaler three minutes before use (157).

  • Cognitive performance enhancement: Four drops of pure rosemary essential oil to an aromatherapy diffuser pad five minutes before a single test period has been used (156).

Oral (French Medical Method):

  • Consult your naturopathic/homeopathic doctor for specific dosage for internal application.

Dermal (English Massage & Touch):

  • Apply 2-5 drops directly on desired location.

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